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Group Yoga Classes

Dalia teaches regularly online (Zoom) at:


Ayurvedic Consultations

Go to MA Yoga  to book an Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Diet Consultation with Scott. Learn about your Prakruti (Constitution) and Vikruti (Current State of the Doshas or Element). Get a personalized plan, including dietary recommendations, lifestyle changes and herbal remedies, for gaining and maintaining health and balance. 


Workshops and Events

Ayurveda and Yoga for Graceful Aging - a workshop for women

 with Dalia and Sarada at Ma Yoga Online

Saturday, May 16th,  4pm - 7pm


This workshop will delve into the perimenopausal and postmenopausal periods in a woman's life.
From an Ayurvedic perspective, it is the viewed as the transition from  Pitta time to Vata time. This learning opportunity is for you, if you  are starting to sense changes to your normal cycles and rhythms, or if  you are experiencing symptoms such as hot-flashes, memory loss, insomnia  and more.

We will explore basic concepts of Ayurveda and how they relate  to different stages and transitions in women’s lives, and we will learn  about common imbalances and some ways to deal with them, using Yoga,  Ayurvedic nutrition, lifestyle practices and herbal remedies. 

Investment: $35

Go to : mayoga.ca to sign up